ESPN picks Donte Moncrief as the Colt with most to prove in 2017 z bloga użytkownika Angel92

This season will be an important <a href=""></a> one for Colts receiver Donte Moncrief, as ESPN points out today.

In a feature listing the NFL players with the most to prove this season, Moncrief, who is coming off an injury-shortened season, was the selection for the Colts.

"The fourth-year receiver has all the tools to be the Colts' best all-around receiver," wrote Mike Wells of ESPN. "Moncrief's issue is his health. A shoulder injury caused him to miss seven games over two different stretches last <a href=""></a> season. Moncrief still led the Colts with seven touchdown receptions, despite his playing only nine games. The former third-round pick is entering the final year of his contract."

Moncrief, who had 30 catches and 307 yards to go with his seven touchdowns last season, has long been thought of a potential breakout player who has a ceiling he hasn't come close to reaching. This could be the season where he takes another step, assuming he doesn't have the injury issues of last season. His contract situation is something to keep an eye on as the Colts need to decide whether or not to give him an extension now or wait until after the season, when his value could go up if he has a breakout year. Moncrief is still young as he doesn't turn 24 until August, so whether or not he posts big numbers this season, there will be a market for him if he hits free agency given his youth and potential.

Moncrief is far from the only Colts <a href="">Matt Darr Womens Jersey</a> player for whom this will be a "prove it" season. Given all the short-term deals the Colts handed out in free agency, there will be quite a few players out to earn a raise after the season. 


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